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The testimonials on this site are from actual customers from in our store or from reviews given on other websites about Continental Pool & Spa!



Out of all the places I shopped Continental was the best! The fact that they have carried the SAME brand for many many years, full service department and the professionalism of the sales staff make them the best place to buy a hot tub.

Linda Z.



I would like to say that Continental has been great when we have needed to purchase chemicals and they have been very willing to order specific items for our spa frog even though the Hot Springs spas do not have that feature and they do not carry those supplies in their store.  They were also very helpful when our water readings were out of balance.  They provided us with information on the care of our spa that Roberts did not give us.  I will continue to give them my future business.


Denise E.



To Continental Pool & Spa

My wife and I purchased a two seater Solona TX model spa from you in October 2008. We LOVE it!

Being retired, I use it more than my wife, probably 5-6 times a week. I have arthritis and all the other aches and pains
associated with old age. The spa works wonders for me.

I would highly recommend a Hot Springs spa from Continental Pool & Spa for everyone, especially those who suffer from any type of muscle or joint

Best investment I ever made!

Ron Johnson
February 3, 2009



Unknown name (Google reviews): Every time I go into Continental Pool and Spa I receive great service. Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable.



Mrs. Miller (Yahoo local): SHOP HERE!!!

The people at Continental Pool and Spa are very friendly and knowledgeable. They helped me when other Omaha pool companies wouldn't! Everyone there offered excellent service!...