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We carry a wide variety of chemicals to fit all your pool and spa needs.

With some of the biggest names in the industry you are sure to have a safe and fun pool and spa season.

Pool Chemicals

Spa Chemicals

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Bioguard's 3-Step Program only requires
minutes per week to apply.  That leaves
hours free for the real reason you got you
pool:  FUN!
BioGuard's 3-Step Program is ideal for:

  • Pools of any size
  • Proper water flow through skimmers (or chlorinator)
  • Pump circulation 8 or more hours per day
SpaGuard Chloring/Bromine Programs are
ideal for any hot tub/spa.  They are also
more effective against algae.   Everything you
need to start and maintain your hot tub/spa
in one convenient line.
SpaGuard's chlorine system also oxidizes;
meaning it eliminates undesirable compounds
- such as oils, cosmetics and perspiration -
from the water.
Soft, clear, chlorine-free water is easy to
achieve. That’s the philosophy behind
SoftSwim. It’s the reason pool owners
everywhere are making the big switch to
non-chlorine pool care.
BioGuard's SoftSwim Program is
Ideal for

  • Excellent circulation, using a sand filter
  • Pump operates at least 12 hours per day
  • In-ground or above-ground

Soft Soak®

Our bromine-free, chlorine-free spa care
system needs your attention only a few
minutes per week.  Soft Soak provides a
wonderfully soft, soothing and gentle spa

POOLIFE® understands the enjoyment
you get out of spending a day with your
family and friends in and around a
sparkling clean pool.  That's why we
offer a complete line of pool care
products and systems that will give you
the brilliant water you want throughout
the season.

For one-on-one professional advice
always contact Continental Pool &
Spa.  We are trained professionals with
the knowledge and expertise to answer all
your questions on pool care.

For more than 25 years, Leisure Time
has been the premier name in hot tub/spa
water care. During that time, hot tubs/spas
have become more luxurious and onsumers
more sophisticated. To continue to be the
leader in hot tub/spa water care, Leisure
continually improves its product
line, the program and the packaging that
elegantly wraps up years of innovation.
Plus, Leisure Time has developed
Simple Spa Care®, an easy-to-follow
program that allows spa owners to
spend more time in their spas and less
time maintaining them.

Imagine crystal clear water with no
irritated eyes.  Imagine swimsuits that
keep their color and hair that doesn't dry
out. Imagine a pleasant odor.  Only
chlorine-free BAQUACIL makes it
possible.  Gentle on the skin,
BAQUACIL lets you feel secure in
knowing you're not only doing some-
thing good for your pool, but good for
your family, too.
SilkBalance™ is a spa water care treatment program specially formulated to:
  • leave your skin silky & soft
  • be easy to use
  • be a one step process, add one measure
  • provide crystal clear water
  • provide a refreshing scent
  • provide continuous pure water quality
  • be safer for the environment.
  • prevent dangerous bacteria build up