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Health Benefits
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The health benefits of hot water have been observed for centuries. Relax in our hot tubs and reap the health benefits of hydrotherapy:

• Immersion in hot water promotes dilation of the blood vessels, increasing blood circulation throughout your body.

• Buoyancy in water promotes relaxation and reduces pressure on your joints.

Massaging Hydro Jets

• Massaging Hydro Jets soothe and loosen tense and overworked muscles, stimulating the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers.

Check out this artical from Washington State University about the research they conducted regarding hot tubs and your health.


• Numerous studies demonstrate that stress contributes to aging and multiple health problems. Relaxing in a Hot Spring spa reduces stress and tension, promoting better sleep and better overall health. Check out the Hot Water & Healthy Living book.

Arthritis Relief

• Hot Spring spas ease joints and relax muscles, helping to decrease arthritis pain that results from joint swelling, inflammation and stiffness. Relaxed muscles make it easier to maintain exercise programs and perform daily activities, promoting overall health.

Diabetes Benefits

• The prestigious New England Journal of Medicine concluded Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus sufferers can benefit from hydrotherapy.

• Daily relaxation in a hot tub for 30 minutes, over a three-week period, resulted in a 13% reduction of blood sugar levels, better sleep and an increased sense of well being. Dr. Philip Hooper of the McKee Medical Center made this discovery after studying eight Type 2 diabetes patients.

Sleep Benefits

• Millions of Americans are affected by sleep disorders such as insomnia. The total body relaxation of a hot tub can help you fall asleep easier and get a better night’s rest without the grogginess and side effects of sleep medications.